Investment Approach

Adding value to our financial sponsor partners every step of the way


Consortium Finance invests in debt and equity securities of middle market companies involved in leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and later stage growth financings.  While we focus on second lien and mezzanine debt, we also provide comprehensive solutions for the entire debt capital structure including uni-tranche structures.  Additionally, we aim to align ourselves with management teams and financial sponsors through equity co-investments.

At Consortium Finance we strive to add value to our financial sponsor partners to ensure a seamless, reliable, fluid and transparent investment process.  We utilize a unique quantitative approach in our investment evaluation that is highly valuable in the due diligence process to our clients.  We look to partner with top tier financial sponsors and management teams where we can provide seamless execution for the most appropriate capital solution.  Post closing of transactions, we utilize our vast network to add value to portfolio investments to generate new business leads, strategy guidance and industry expertise. 

Put simply, we believe relationships are paramount and as a result we do everything we can to enhance our relationships with everyone we conduct business with.


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